About me

My name is Dan Puzey, and I live in Bristol, England. In my day job I’m a technical architect and developer working with a variety of technologies. I have long-standing .NET experience, including WPF, WinForms and ASP.NET, work with NodeJS, and work on 3d games with Unity3d.

I’ve worked for a range of companies as a technical architect, though never too far from the code. My teams have varied from a 5-man internal development team to a multinational team of technical architects leading hundreds of developers. My projects have been similarly varied: internal line of business software, B2B apps of varying size, consumer applications delivered to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, and computer games bought by tens of thousands.

Outside of work I’m a saxophonist and pianist, and can often be found gigging with a variety of different bands – anything from a lcoal pub gig to a 30,000-strong street festival crowd!

Since my childhood Amiga days I’ve been an avid gamer and will spend what little spare time I find playing PC games. From my years in the European Quake III leagues, through stints in Eve Online, BFBC2 and many more, I’m still a keen gamer.

Recently I've become a father, and the past year has been included more personal learning and development than I realised a helpless, dependant little being would ever make possible. Family really is the most amazing thing.

Above all, and in all things, I’m a geek. I’m passionate about all of the above and much else besides, and never turn down an opportunity to learn something new. I believe there’s nothing in the world that’s not interesting if you look closely enough…